#721 – Lazy loaded videos never load (black box)

Status: Closed - Category: Route 66
There seems to be a pattern

Videos are loading (lazy load). A day later (or some time) they stop loading and I get just a black box.

e.g. https://www.masterdata.co.za/index.php/popia-compliance

If I go into the Joomla back end and open the plug ins list and close it the lazy loading starts working again - until it stops.

Working as i post this following the above work around

Any ideas?
Hi Gary,

I don't see any Route 66 related functionality on your page.
I see some third party scripts but not Route 66 scripts on your page. Probably this is an issue with some other extension that you are using.
Just checked the link you provided and it worked for me. However, I see several Javascript errors on the console which may affect the whole page functionality including Route 66.
I see that the errors are coming from the following files if that helps:

You can also try to disable some Route 66 options just in case the issue is indeed related with Route 66.

Thanks - I have disabled lazy loading in jbetelo and will see if this resolves the issue. Appreciate your quick response and will provide feedback
Hi Lefteris

Thank you for your prompt feedback and troubleshooting. Since I disabled lazy loading in jbetelo my issue has not reappeared. So there appears to have been a conflict between the two modules

Please close the ticket.

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.
I am closing this ticket now. Feel free to create a new one anytime you need some help.

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