#691 – Pre sales Route66 x SP PageBuilder

Status: Pending - Category: Route 66
I want to sign route66 pro.
I have SPPage builder by Joomshapper, and my articles are made using pagebuilder integration.
But I tested with free version and I got that I don't have images, neither alt. And I have
I set Joomla default image (intro and full) and no success

Joomshapper PageBuilder is not compatible with route66?
Hi Kazuo,

Route 66 has not been tested with SPPage builder. We provide tight integration with Joomla articles.
For the rest components Route 66 PRO allows you to analyze any page of your site based on the URL. So it works with any component/page and it has the advantage that the analysis includes the module's output. On the downside, the URL based analysis is a standalone page in administration, it's not integrated in the editing process.
I recommend to create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials so we can take a look before you subscribe for the PRO version.


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