#285 – SEO not working since upgrade

Status: Closed - Category: Route 66
I too am seeing errors since the upgrade to the latest version in J Articles.

This is what I see in the article creation page in the back end....

I also get this error message in Console

Uncaught Error: No locale meta information provided.
at u.dcnpgettext (yoast.min.js?1.6.2:14)
at u.dgettext (yoast.min.js?1.6.2:14)
at c.executeAssessment (yoast.min.js?1.6.2:10)
at v (yoast.min.js?1.6.2:1)
at ec (yoast.min.js?1.6.2:1)
at c.assess (yoast.min.js?1.6.2:10)
at Object.Route66Seo.analyze (route66seo.js?1.6.2:139)
at Object.Route66Seo.start (route66seo.js?1.6.2:101)
at route66seo.js?1.6.2:299

Any thoughts?

Regards, Brendan

Can you please create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials? I cannot reproduce the issue.

We just released Route 66 version 1.6.3 which should solve the issue. For your information, the issue occurred only for PHP versions below 7.1.
Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your speedy fixes :)
I am very happy with your service.
I have been considering upgrading to the pro version of route 66 and getting Econa as well.
I guess I will be poor tomorrow!

Regards, Brendan
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