#262 – Route 66 problems with jAMP plugin

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I use a plugin jAMP and when enable System - Route 66 plugin AMP pages are not valid because have been route to the main page. Is there a way to fix ?
My amp pages are using amp suffix like https://domain.com/amp , https://domain.com/article/amp and so on 

Do you mean that those pages are redirected to the home page? If yes, then just go to the Route 66 Options and disable redirects (or add an exclusion for the specific extension).

The problem is that all amp pages are redirected to the non amp pages.
If I remove the redirect option i will loses the best part of your plugin: elimination duplicate content.
The Jamp plugin doesn't appear in the exclusions options of Route 66
Have you tried to contact the developers of that plugin? There must be a workaround for this. Route 66 knows that this is a Joomla article and since the URL does not match the canonical, it redirects the page.

Somebody had the same problem and the extension developer answer was:
Re:jAMP problems with Route 66 plugin
I can't answer because route 66 it's not a plugin of mine and I don't know how it works.

You must firstly determine the exact reason why Route 66 invalidates the Google AMP format.

If it adds some extra html code to pages that is not compatible with AMP you could get rid of it using Jamp exclusions settings.

If instead it's a problem due to routing itself probably is a different question, but it would be better asking to their developers. After all this is an issue strictly related to Route 66 not to Jamp
No there are no workarounds or something to do in the jamp plugin, the only possible solution is that they add support for AMP URLs in the Route 66 plugin, this issue was already discussed here more than 1 year ago.
There is no way or possible workaround to have this working on the JAmp side, everything is up to Route 66 plugin due to the fact that it overrides the standard Joomla routing.
It would be better to ask to the developers of Route 66 if they can add support for AMP URLs that will be more and more common in future. This is an issue strictly related to Route 66 not to various AMP plugins used.
Is the URL always the same for AMP? Is it like https://domain.com/article/amp? I am trying to understand the exact case so I can add an exception in redirects.

Yes that is:

and so on
Can you please create a new private ticket so we can continue our discussion there?

The issue should be fixed with the 1.6.2 release of Route 66.

This ticket is closed, therefore read-only. You can no longer reply to it. If you need to provide more information, please open a new ticket and mention this ticket's number.


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