#933 – Modal popup images in Joomla 4

Status: Pending - Category: Econa
Hi! How can i do modal popup for full article image? Like link to big image or original. Thanks!

Content - Econa - doesn't seem to work on joomla 4 :(
Hi Stepanov,

Econa works fine with Joomla 4. You can try add a custom field or even use Econa for core intro and full images of the article. However, there is no modal functionality on those images since there are no image sizes variations.
Econa integrates with Joomla in several ways. You can always refer to the documentation at https://www.firecoders.com/documentation/econa .
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Is it possible to add pop-up functionality for the full image in article? For example on my site position width content has width 800px and settings for full image is 1200px. So i need just to pop-up image even there are no image sizes variations. Thanks!
Hi Stepanov,

No unfortunately not. Econa cannot do this because it requires a layout change and the core images are rendered by the core Joomla layouts.
You will have to create a layout override for the core com_content article layout. And there add a link to the "large" image. This link should wrap the "small" image.
Not sure how you will do this since you have only one size for the image. If you do this and just add the "econaFieldModal" class to the link the Econa modal should work.
But again I don't think this is flexible. I think it's better to just use a custom field with Econa.


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