#734 – Econa custom field plugin -> sizes gone after update

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After updating to Econa 1.8.0 the images sizes in the econa fields (custom fields plugin) are gone! All sizes are set to 300 with no name and identifier.

Is there a way to restore those settings?
Hi Jip,

The settings are still there until you save the plugin. Joomla has removed the "repeatable" field and we had to convert it to the "subform" field which stores the values in a different way.
However, Econa will still read the old settings until you save the plugin. If you save the plugin you will have to enter the settings again. You can check the image of an old article to see the generated sizes if you don't remember them.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

When we open a econa field we see empty values, even when we have not saved it. So where can we see the settings that have been used before so we can put them in t the settings again?

I do understand we can try to figure the settings out by checking the actual images. But that would take some work for all our sites.

There was no way to convert those values somehow on update of Econa?
What's the number of the sites? If they are too many I can try to add a migration message when editing the plugin so users can see the actual settings.

We have 37 sites that have Econa installed. The image size settings are not the same on every site. So if you can help us out with a migration message that would really be appreciated!
Wow, I never thought you have used this extension that much. I will try make it as easy as possible.
Thank you for your feedback.

OK, thanks! Yes we manage about 110 sites for our client at this point. We use econa for most sites that regularly produce (news) content because it makes it a lot easier for site managers to upload and scale images fast. We mainly use the Econa article custom field plugin for this.
That's great. In my day to day work I also work with some very high traffic news sites. And I try to bring the most useful features we have there into Econa.
Just a side note, since version 1.8.0 Econa supports WebP images. This required a change in the front-end. There should be no visual changes but you may want to check since we moved to picture tag from the img tag in order to support WebP with fallback.

On most sites we get the custom field value (json) from the econa image site and the create our own 'view' output in our (custom) templates. I think the WebP images are only shown/used when we use the default layout econa uses when showing the images in the custom fields area on top or below the image?

Are WebP images supported widely?
Are images stored as WebP images by default now? Unless we turn this of I guess?. And they are also stored in the sizes set in the custom field settings? And then also JPG files as fallback?

So when we have WebP enabled (even when we don't use them) there will be more storage needed for every image we save?

I will have a look at the WebP support and setup so we can use this in our templates as well. Haven't gotten around to figuring that out yet. Mainly because of the support for WebP so far.

Maybe it would be better to create a new ticket for this, but since we are here...

I do see the webP images in the econa folder. So I guess they are generated when this option is set to 'yes' in the plugin. When we are not going to use the webP images we should disable this in the settings to avoid unnecessary disk space. Or maybe we should just save them already for future use...

When we do want to use webP images, is there a way to also generate those versions for images already created by econa (custom field plugin)? Or will the only be saved when we open and resave an article? (And have the Webp option enabled) Or will the only be stored when a new image is uploaded?

I do think the fallback for webP will also work when the webP image is not available? Or should we check for an existing webP before we use the webP in our template?
It's up to you to decide if you want WebP images. WebP images can improve core web vitals which are crucial for news sites.
There is no way at the moment to generate WebP versions for the existing uploaded images. But this should cause no issue on front-end, you should still get the JPEG version of the image. If that was not the case, the sites you installed the update would have no images on front-end.
WebP images are generated when an image is uploaded or cropped (and the article is saved of course).
I can confirm that the development version of the econa extension \reads' the exsisting file sizes and saves them after saving the plugin. So that saves us a lot of work.

Thanks Lefteris for your quick support!

Kind regards,
Thank you Jip for the great feedback once again.

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