#733 – Only Superadmins can upload an image using the Econa field plugin after update

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Hi! We have installed the new econa version 1.8.0. On Jooma 3.9.28.

We now have issues with this econa custom fields plugin. Only when we are logged in as superuser we can upload an image. Users in other user groups get this error:

'Access denied'

I'm believe we have not changed any settings, just updated to the new Econa version.

Have you made changes to the rights management that might cause this issue? Can you help us fix this please? We have a lot of production sites that use Econa and this is a much used part for the sites content managers.

Kind regards,
Hi Jip,

Yes, we moved to the new permission that Joomla has that it has to do with custom fields. Just navigate to global configuration and make sure that the user group you want to use the field has the permission named "Edit Custom Field Value".

I have checked this and the user group I am testing with now does have this permission. But there is still a warning 'Access denied'.

Am I missing something?
I am not sure this is an issue with the image (storage) or maybe an issue with loading the image editor. I have disabled the htaccess to make sue this is not blocking anything. This did not change the error.

But because the SU can upload/edit and not other groups I think this is a Joomla rights issue.
Can you please create a new private ticket and provide administrator credentials so I can have a look?
I created a private ticket with an admin account to one of our sites.
The custom content field (econa type) is called 'Hoofdafbeelding'.
When you create a new article you can find the custom field under the tab 'Afbeelding'.
You have to set the permission in global configuration, not in the component options.
And that's why the plugin doesn't know which component is uploading the image. I will find a way to make this work with component options also.

Ok, I tested this and you are right. Good to know what causes this.

For us it would be great / better to have this at the component level. Would it be possible to send me some code (patch) I can change to get this working? I think you will add this to a new version, but I don;t know when a new version is planned? Until then we would appreciate a temporary fix. Hope you can help us out with that.

I cannot send you a patch, this requires multiple changes in different files. But of course I can send you the development version when it's ready. I am already working on this.

OK, great!
Please check your private ticket in order to get the development version.

Hi! I can confirm that after installing the dev version this issue is solved! Excellent.

We are now able to set the permission for editing custom fields at the component level (in most cases for use 'Articles') and we are then able to upload an image using a different usergroup then the superadmin.

Thanks for your quikj help and fix Lefteris!


For furture reference / other readers:

In order for usergroups to be able to use the the Econa 'custom field' in a component (like 'Articles' ) you need to set the permissions for that usergroup to allow editing custom field values. This can be done at the component level.

You could also set this at the site level (joomla settings - rights management) but then the users in all groups have rights to edit all custom fields in all components. Unless set to access denied on a lower level.

Setting this on a component level gives you more control over the rights to edit the econa custom fields.
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