#572 – No content images after update to version 1.7.6

Status: Closed - Category: Econa
Econa content plugin (version 1.7.5) was configured: Responsive image method
Content images were successfully created using JCE, including responsive size attributes.

After update to version 1.7.6 content images were no longer displayed !
Content images must be recreated using JCE and no longer have responsive size attributes.

I always test updates on local test site, so my live site is still ok.
Hi Henk,

Thank you for your feedback. Content images do not have any extra data. It's all inside the article's text. So even if you uninstall Econa the markup should remain there. Is there a chance that something else was also changed on your site?
A JCE update or a change in JCE settings might have caused this. Any other changes? If you remember anything please let me know because right now I cannot reproduce the issue.

What I can see so far is that Path is not added in the image URL
OK, I went back to version 1.7.5. on my local test site and have the same issue.
I have seperate directories for the sites on my local.
The path to the images folder then is: directory/images/....
It seems that Econa uses: images/.... so WITHOUT the local directory !

I have another testsite using Econa version 1.7.3 which is working well (it correctly uses directory/images/.... ). I don't know about version 1.7.4

On my live site I don't have this extra diretory, so I don't expect the issue will occur.
Just to make it more clear: Changing Econa version or even uninstalling makes no difference. The path is already stored in the article and will not change if you update or remove Econa. Any modifications occur when saving the article.
The question is how exactly the path was modified. Econa is not changing the path it gets from the editor (unless there is a bug). This path is generated in several ways depending on what you use to insert the image. For example:

1. If you use JCE then the path is generated by JCE media manager.
2. If you use the Joomla image button the path is generated by the core media manager.
3. If you are typing plain HTML then the path is what you provide in the src attribute of the markup.

If the path that comes in is correct and is changed when saving the article then this might be an issue with Econa indeed. I have made several tests and still it works fine for me. If you find the exact case that this occurs please let me know it would be very helpful.

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