#508 – Disable (hide) form fields in the 'econa custom field' plugin when are not not used for a website

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Hi! Could you consider a way to somewhat hide the (meta data) fields 'Caption', 'Credits', and 'Alt text' and 'Filename' ( in the Econa custom fields plugin) using a slider or pop-up? This way these items take up less space, what would be nice if there are multiple custom fields on a custom fields tab / group.

Maybe this would also be useful in the other econa plugins, but we mainly use the custom fields econa plugin.

The title of this tickt does not match my question / reguest. I think disabling the mentioned formfields might not be the best easiest way to achieve what I would like (save space). But I can't seem to edit the title ;-)

Kind regards,

I do not want to end up having a million of options for a custom field setup... But I also understand your request.
What if those fields are visible only when you click the edit button? On the other side this will require one more click for the users. I am trying to think the best solution for most users!

I understand that adding options is not the preferred way. So that would leave us with a frontend space-saving option. This is indeed the reason why I ask this.

Your suggestion to only show these fields when editing the image does save space when the custom fileds tab is opened. Als when we set the (new) option to 'force edit' when uploading an image is set these fields will then be also visable.

Maybe we could even hide the image itself and only show the filename? I have seen fields (in other extensions) that have a preview icon (eye) besides the filename that will give a small popup of the image.

So maybe this would work:

Econa fiield when no file is uploaded:
Show select / upload (not delete...) buttons to select or upload an image.
After select / upload -> button 'edit image' (opens editor) and 'edit metadata' (opens fields mentioned in my post).

After applying the image changes and/or applying changes to the metadata the Econa field shows:

- Filename, select / upload / delete buttons with preview icon / small thumbnail
- Button edit/upload image
- Button edit metadata (for fields mentioned in my post)

This way when you open the custom fields tab the econa fields takes up much less space and other fields on the tab are better visible (especially if the are below the econa field).
Maybe using 'tabs / vertical sliders' would also be an option to hide elements inside the econa custom field area... Something like this:

Thank you for sharing your ideas. A big change like this you are suggesting is more possible in a major release (J4 compatible). In addition to that, due to a health issue there will be a little bit more delay for the next major update.
Just wanted to let you know.

Will this maybe be implemented in J4? We'll just leave it op for now?
Hi Jip,

I am not quite sure about this feature yet. Anything that involves UI/UX needs double consideration.

Ok, we'll wait and see ;-)

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