#378 – Smaller faster [suggestion]

Status: Closed - Category: Econa
 I have suggestion for next big update Econa ;)
Now econa convert all formats to jpg
But this is not efficient.
png 32,64,128 etc color space convert to jpg is big if image space color not very colorfull.

My suggestion is add future png convert to png with own set quality

My second suggestion add support .webp because all modern browser support this format except safari. https://caniuse.com/#search=webp

jpeg to webp smaller file equal to 30% quality. Smaller = faster
png to webp it is also more effictien. 26% Smaller = faster

Webp is next generation format i think is good to have.

In Joomla only 5 extension support webp now but this is trend.

What do you think about my suggestion?

Econa already has an option to keep the original image format when used as a custom field.
Regarding WebP support, this is something that we need to add for sure.

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