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Well after some struggling, I finally found out how to enable the image tab for the articles.
Unfortunately, this is not documented.
In the content plugin you have to enable it first, but nothing changes so far.
Then you have to go to each of your categories and you will see that there is a tab 'Article Image Options' added.
In the tab you then have to enable the article image tab for the articles of this category (you have 2 options here).
For the article items that you use with a 'category-blog' and 'category-list' menu item, you have to enable the image tab in the menu item (in the same way as you do in category).

Now that this tab is enabled, I still have no idea what to do with it:
I can add an image, but after saving and reopen the image it is disappeared.
In the plugin setting there are some options and fields to set (I guess).
There are 2 sections: Article view and Article list view.
In the image field of these sections you can/must "Type or select some options". However there is nothing to type or select.
I realy have no idea what are you trying to accomplish here, please explain.

Then what is the picture in the image tab used for? How do I get it in my article?

It would be great if you can give some more explanation.

Best Regards.
OK, finally found out how to use the image tab.

The first thing to do is to save image sizes. You have to press the configuration button to get this table.
I did that before and I assumed that these sizes were default available, but they are NOT; you need to SAVE this table.
After that you can select these sizes in the image options.

I did that and then the picture is also saved in the article and it will show on the page.

OK, if you are patient and keep trying, you will find out how it works.
Maybe I am just a little stupid and don't understand so fast, but I think it would not be so much trouble to put some more in the documentation.

Best Regards.

The Image Tab functionality is deprecated. We strongly recommend to use Econa either with Joomla article intro and full images or as a custom field.

First make sure that all Econa plugins are enabled. After that just edit the "Content - Econa" plugin and set the option "Enable Econa image tab" to "No". That's the old way of doing things, when Joomla had no custom fields.

Now, depending on your needs you may just keep using the default Joomla Images (intro and full image) or create a custom field. In the first case Econa replaces the default fields with it's own functionality. In the second case you can create as many Econa custom fields as you wish.
If you decide to go with the core images, all the available options can be found at the"Content - Econa Article Images" plugin.
If you decide to use a custom field all the available options can be found in the custom field edit page. Just make sure to define some image sizes here save, and then select those sizes for displaying in the views.

All of the options are explained in the documentation but if you need further explanation just let me know.

Ah, OK. Just spending my time for a deprecated function.
Could you please add this in the documentation; not for me, but for your next customer.

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