#183 – Newsflash Module with own econa field

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Good evening first of all!
I already read Ticket Nr 158 and tried both solutions. But unfortunately no success.
I shorted the code for you. Perhaps you can help me. I would like to show my custom econa field "Einleitungsbild" (intro image).

<?php foreach ($list as $item) : 

	$item->jcfields = FieldsHelper::getFields('com_content.article', $item, true);
	foreach($item->jcfields as $field) {
		echo FieldsHelper::render('com_content.article', 'field.render', array('field'=> $field));

/*$item->jcfields = FieldsHelper::getFields('com_content.article', $item, true);
echo FieldsHelper::render('com_content.article', 'field.render', array('field'=> $item->jcfields[0]));*/

 if (isset($myCustomFields['einleitungsbild']) and !empty($myCustomFields['einleitungsbild'])) : 
         echo $myCustomFields['einleitungsbild']; 

	if ($params->get('show_introtext', '1')) :
		echo $item->introtext; 

 endforeach; ?>

Thx in advance

All you need is:
<?php echo FieldsHelper::render('com_content.article', 'field.render', array('field'=> $item->jcfields[1])); ?>

Just create an override for the mod_article_news and place this code inside the file _item.php.

Note that you have to change the number 1 with the ID of your custom field.

this solution is followed by Error "0 - Call to a member function get() on null". The Id of the intro image is 2. And I also tried with other Id's, but nothing is working - except of error code and site crash.

Do u have another solution?
Thank you in advance
Just tested and the code works fine for me. Can you please check the custom field settings? What's the value of the "Automatic Display" option?

Are you using the standard mod_article_news module? What's your Joomla version?

Finally make sure that you placed this code in the correct file.

I checked the settings once again and the module is actually displayed (http://www.spitzen-schnitt.at/ abstract "Aktuelles"), but without the econa image field.
My settings are:
I'm using the mod_article_news module. My Joomla Version is 3.8.8.
I placed the code in the correct file.

I look forward to your reply ;-)

Have you checked the field display options as I suggested in my previous reply?

The file that need to be modified is /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/mod_article_news/_item.php


sry, the automatic display option is set to "no" - and I found out your solution works with module_articles_popular
After hours of testing I found out that the problem is caused by the layout of com_content/feature. On the category blog layout everything is displayed as expected. So I made a workaround )-: Not really pretty, but in the moment okay.

Do you have a solution for the featured layout?
Do you mean the the featured layout of the module? I don't see such a layout in the core mod_article_news. Can you please clarify?


No I mean com_content view featured; with com_content view category everything is okay. But when you have a menu item with type "featured articles" the module override is not working.
I have found the issue. Try to go to the field options and select at least one image size for all the available views and it should work.

We will try to add an option for selecting image sizes for the modules in the next update to avoid such conflicts.

Thank you - everything is now working as aspected!
You are welcome.

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