#168 – 2 Items: Config.php file AND Econa Images Tab

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Your product looks great. I am setting up a site for volunteers and am VERY interested in the online image editing tools. I purchased Econa primarily for 2 plugins: (1) Content-Econa; & (2) Fields-Econa.
But, I have encountered 2 problems.

1) When I first install Econa, it changes my configuration.php file to "unwritable." I have uninstalled & re-installed, the action is consistent.
SOLUTION: After installation, I can THEN reset the config.php to writeable.

2) This one took a while to figure out.. . After enabling & setting the parameters in the plugins, the images TAB does NOT appear . . .Unless, I create a new joomla article file. I can then set up the image - BUT - then once I SAVE the article file, the image TAB disappears.
NO SOLUTION: The inserted image never appears again - either in the backend article or the site's frontend.

I am using Joomla 3.8.3, a RocketTheme template, Gantry 5 & a later version of php.


Regarding your questions:

1. Econa has nothing to do with the Joomla configuration file. It's just a regular Joomla extension without any custom scripts that modify in any way the configuration file. If you are completely sure that the configuration file permissions change after installation, then I suggest to try installing a different extension and check if you get the same behavior. Probably something else is happening here.

2. First, we strongly suggest using Econa as a custom field and not through the image tab functionality. The image tab functionality was created before Joomla introduced custom fields. If you still prefer using the image tab integration then I suggest to edit the article categories and set the desired options for Econa there. If that does not solve your issue, please create a new private ticket with administrator credentials so I can have a look.


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