#1045 – J3 bug econa custom field?

Status: Closed - Category: Econa
Hi! On sites we have Econa installed and use the custom field to upload images to articles. The plugin buttons (upload, media, edit and remove) causes Joomla to flip to the article list and the article is the checked out. So the econa custom field can not be used anymore.

This only happens on J3, not J4.

Econa 1.8.7
Joomla 3.10.11
PHP 8.0.28

I suspect this bug started after the latest upgrade of the JCE editor but I am not 100% sure of that.

Can you help me figure this out so we can fix our sites?

I will also try to debug some more and if a have any new info I will let you know. But maybe you can already reproduce this with this info and maybe find a fix?
Hi Jip,

Just tested and I am not able to reproduce this issue.
Do you get any errors in the browser console?
If you see no errors, please create a new private ticket and provide administrator credentials so I can troubleshoot this.

I just started a private ticket with a super user account for a demo site.
I don't see any errors in the console.
For anyone having the same issue, you need to either disable "JCE File Browser in Image Fields" in JCE options or use a previous version of JCE (2.9.36 works fine ).
In the meantime we will work on a fix for this.

Hi Lefteris,

Ryan just release a dev version to test. I will let you know it that fixes the issue.
I can confirm the issue is resolved in thos development version of JCE:
JCE Pro 2.9.38 Beta - https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/downloads/editor/pro/development

So to fix this (without disabling the '"JCE File Browser in Image Fields' in JCE you can download an install this version. I think this fix will be in the next normal release of JCE as well.

Thanks for you help with this Lefteris!
That's great! In any case, I also added a fix for JCE 2.9.37 which also will get included in the next release of Econa.
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